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  • I’ve spent all day studying the plugin. I really like your focus on meta boxes and making each view its own class. I would call this a true WordPress plugin because the coding standards are exceptional and the interface does not deviate from WordPress styles at all. This is something I’ve not seen enough of even from developers with years more experience than myself.

    WordPress standards is something I begun striving towards end of 2013 in my plugin CSV 2 POST which I re-developed from scratch. I still have a little work to do.

    Did you come up with that approach yourself?

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  • Plugin Author TobiasBg



    thanks for the nice rating and review, I really appreciate it!

    Regarding your question: I implemented it myself in the plugin, but the overall idea is based on the “Model-View-Controller” development paradigm. I then learned a lot about this when looking at the source code of other good plugins, and then found this approach the most interesting.

    Best wishes,

    No problem.

    Your right it is interesting I really do like it. I’ve implemented postboxes in my plugin since my review but my head went into overload even considering applying the controller class to my CSV 2 POST plugin simply because it’s set in its ways. I like the “run()” method approach to loading the plugin and begun adding that but it will need to be phased in slowly as I’ve relied on globals a lot.

    I have a tabbed menu per page. Each view is not registered as a page. So I discovered that each view shares the same user setting for postboxes. Move a box on one view and the others move to the opposite position. Now I seek a solution which is probably to register every view/tab as a page but hide all but the original pages from showing in the plugins WP admin menu.

    If I get that done it will lay groundwork for really good interface and get around what I think is a WordPress limitation. That limitation is either an easy way to create views which are well registered but not always treated as pages.

    Anyway it is safe to say I coped some code from your plugin and will be making good mention of your plugin in various places online. I have a couple of lines in my plugin that indicates you are the original author of the class also.

    I’ve just published a video to YouTube which mentions your plugin.

    I am trying to have a tabbed page setup like you have but I want to hide all but one item in the main plugin menu.

    Something you ever thought about doing?

    Plugin Author TobiasBg



    good to hear that the TablePress code is so helpful! 🙂 Nice to see that spirit of Open Source in action.

    Yeah, getting the postboxes on the different tabs to work is a little bit tricky. You will basically have to set the $screen value properly. In TablePress, I use tablepress as a prefix, then the hook in the admin menu as the second part and finally the value of the action GET parameter.

    With that action parameter, it’s also possible to have pages that don’t have menu entries, which TablePress does with the “Edit” screen, for example.

    Best wishes,


    So it IS actually possible to stop pages showing on the menu!?

    I see “page=tablepress&action=edit&table_id=1” and I obviously have further studying to do.

    I just spent hours coding a workaround because I couldn’t get any help on this for days. I basically register a page if its being visited and only register an elected parent page for a group of pages. The result is hiding most pages. A difference in my approach (although not as clean) is that there is always a page highlighted in the plugins menu.

    The trick is to apply the same title whatever page is being visited or registered for a group.

    However I prefer what you have done so a big thank you once again. Your approach means that all pages are registered and available for plugins like Role Scoper. Where users of any permissions related plugin would find that not all my plugin pages are listed.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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