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  • Hi guys,
    I am new to web site design and was impressed with wordpress ease of use. I am now running into an issue know that i’m trying to get the site on the web. I can’t seemed to get a good answer for my problem. I have my word press site set up as a local host install. I’m trying to install it on my hosting company server. I uploaded the entire wordpress folder to the server via filezilla. I change the wp-config folder to my server setting. The problem I am having is the images on the site are not showing, you can see where the image would be but no image. I deleted the files on the server and was going to try again. i think I know what is wrong but not how to fix it. The folder location of the images are not updating when I transfer them to the server. So it keeps looking for the files on my local computer and can’t find them. Am I going to have to go in and change each image folder location or is there another way. Please help.

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  • You haver to unzip the wordpress archive to your home system (making sure you extract the archive recreating all files and folders)and then FTP the entire package to your server – again maintaining the files/folders structure or it won’t work.

    I was surprised to find that when I move a WP site, the image paths are often all broken. This is because WP stores the whole path to the image, not the relative path. I think this is dopey, as my other fave system uses relative paths, so moving stuff around can be a very fast operation. It’s possible there’s some good geeky reason they do this that a server nerd might know.

    The short answer is that you’ll have to edit every single image in your content to reflect the new paths. Sorry to give bad news.

    So let’s say you moved your site from a folder like /test/ on server one, to /wordpress/ on server two. All image paths will be broken. For a move like this to work seamlessly, the new site would have to be pretty much identical to the first one. And even if it’s seemingly identical, the server may be set differently in some way you can’t easily see.

    If I were doing a move with a ton of photos, I’d run SQL queries to do ’em all in one shot. If this sounds scary, don’t try it, as if you’re not careful, things could be borked.

    Good luck.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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