• Daniel


    Needs lots of information to get going, for facebook you need to have facebook verified developer account with a phone number. So I can only imagine the other social media platforms…
    It may work well after that but the start is terrible and that cuts me off.

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  • Plugin Author Claude


    Hi Daniel,

    It makes me sad that you leave a bad review for something which has absolutely nothing to do with the plugin.

    The Facebook app setup process is a requirement by Facebook, not something which could be simplified by the plugin. Furthermore we have made it as simply as we could by providing a step-by-step guide to do the setup.

    We have really made our best, but we have to work with what Facebook allows and I don’t think that we should get a bad review for something which is out of our hands.

    Best Regards,

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    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    @claudeschlesser Why did you report this review? This is feedback. Do not report reviews unless there is cause.

    Plugin Author Claude



    I think that the review is not justified. If the plugin has an issue, it’s absolutely fine to leave a bad review. This helps us improve and we can work on it.

    This however is a bad review for the Facebook setup guide which is nothing that we have decided or that we could improve.


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    @claudeschlesser I understand your point of view. You are the developer.

    But for me as a user, the service is not being delivered as it should. I understand it is not your fault. Still, the problem I am having is within your plugin and that is your weak point.

    Plugin Author Claude


    Thank you for the feedback, yes I fully agree that the Facebook setup is a burden and that it could be much easier. We are aware of this and to make it easier we are creating setup guides and helping our users wherever we can.

    The 1-Star review gives the impression that the plugin is just garbage and that the people that have worked on it didn’t do their job.

    It get your point, but It nevertheless makes me sad as we really put much effort into helping our users wherever we can.

    @jdembowski – This is the way that any facebook app or API link you create will work. I was going through the reviews deciding whether to try the plugin, but this one is basically dafaming it needlessly. (Assuming the OP doesn’t really understand web technology)

    Facebook has nothing to do with the plugin, the plugin dev also has decent information on how to set it up. Just had to jump in on this.

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