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  • I’m hoping someone can help me figure out a solution to getting the best flash alternate content on my homepage.

    Each post contains short stories that have been uploaded to and then embedded in the post (using their code). The problem is that they use flash, so I need some sort of alternate content to show when viewers access the site on an iPad (I have a mobile site set up for phones).

    I don’t know much about flash alternate content, but I’ve read a bit about altering the SWF. The next complication is that is creating the SWF and hosting it, so I don’t have access to the file to mess with the code.

    I can use Issuu’s PDF version combined with an iframe to get around the flash, but is there a way within a single post to say “if flash, then this…if flash not detected, then this”? I can easily make two separate posts, one with flash and the other with iframe, but then I’d have to do the whole “if flash, etc.” with entire pages (if I put all the non-flash posts in a category that doesn’t get called except on the non-flash page).

    Or can anyone think of a better solution? Unfortunately, isn’t being helpful at all. They’re ignoring everyone’s questions about iPad alternative solutions.


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  • I’m bumping this real quick to see if anyone has an answer. If not, I’ll try to figure something else out.

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