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  1. PCBCSite
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Since the upgrade to the newest WordPress, I am unable to add media to my page. I click the button, it refreshes (quickly, mind you) and then nothing. It doesn't bring up any options for my media. Also, I'm unable to change my screen options, after selecting the new options, it simply does nothing. No changes whatsoever. Everything seems to be a little more difficult to complete with the newest update. I'm wondering if there is a plugin that I can add that will allow me to add media as I choose and change my options?

  2. You're describing a problem that is likely caused by an incompatible theme or plugin.

    Read the master list of issues and follow the troubleshooting steps to try to figure out what is causing the issue.


  3. BTW, if this is your site:


    Then I can see that something, probably the theme, is attempting to load an older version of jQuery (1.4.3) in your source. If temporarily switching to the default theme fixes the problem, then the theme you're using is causing the issue.

    Look for an updated version of your theme.

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