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  • Hi, i just started moving my blog from tumblr to WordPress, and i’m encountering some weird stuff i don’t understand.

    so i moved from this:
    to this: (when i’m done it’s gonna get the “” adress)

    The nice thing i had with tumblr was that i could use the bookmarklet to automagically share any pages, images or videos, and post them on my blog, and then that new post was propagated correctly to facebook (with the image or video embeded) and twitter.

    You gonna tell me, “if it was so cool, why did you move?”
    Well mostly because i was very limited about what i could do with tumblr, and nobody knows where the media i upload there goes.
    Also commenting there is not an easy thing.

    well i have trouble doing the same things i could do on tumblr, on WordPress :/

    let me retrace the things i’ve done:

    -i installed the latest version of wordpress on my own domain and host. (hostgator)

    -then i used this website: to generate a wordpress compatible xml from my tumblr blog (and it worked quite nicely)

    -and i’m using lightbright theme from elegant themes to keep a tumblr feel

    from there, the first thing i noticed is that all my videos where “posts” and pictures where “posts” actually everything was “posts”… i thought it’s okay because i just imported it so it can’t keep the same type.

    moving on..
    -i installed the SexyBookmarks plugin because there’s no facebook share in the share bar on that template (i haven’t tried to remove or modify that bar yet)

    -and i installed the “press this” bookmarklet to share stuff like i used to do on tumblr.

    -then i had to use this post to correct the bookmarklet bug:

    But i still got bugs with press this, when i click on the “insert an image” button, firebug tells me i got a 404 error and the stuff keep on loading forever….
    i’m hosted on hostgator, i’ve read posts that were talking about press this problems with it and that it was solved with a modification of their .htaccess
    but of course they didn’t tell exactly what they did :/

    moving on…
    -i try sharing a youtube vid with press this… it shows as a “post” :/
    -i try sharing that new post on facebook… it shows as a link instead of a playable vid :/

    after a little while i see that there are types and there’s a plugin “Post Type Switcher” that allows to define the type.
    so i sucessfully change the type of one of my youtube video to… video!

    why doesn’t wordpress do that all by itself? youtube videos are not videos? do i have to upload my vids on my own host to make it work? :/ (it’s the same with vimeo and dailymotion)

    then i try sharing that video post on facebook… aand it still shows as a link..

    i also tried the “Status Updater” plugin to automatically share my posts on twitter and facebook when i post something on wordpress but it doesnt work for facebook, it gives me an error by mail (too long to post here)

    Does anyone knows how to make this work? am i using wrong plugins?

    Plugins i’m using:
    *All in One SEO Pack
    *Headspace2 (maybe i shouldn’t use two SEO plugins)
    *Rpx (ooh that ownz, people can login on my blog with their accounts :p )
    *Secure WordPress
    *SEO Slugs
    *SEO Smart Links
    *Smart Youtube (disabled, doesnt fix my FB sharing problem and i don’t need it to embed vids)
    *Socialize (not really using it, the buttons look out of place)
    *Status updater (disabled, as i said… doesn’t work for FB…)
    *Subscribe To “Double-Opt-In” Comments (not sure what that does)
    *Top Commentators Widget
    * Stats
    *WordPress Importer
    *WP-DBManager (backup by mail? awesome!)
    *WP-PageNavi-LightWord (doesn’t work with my template, it gets messy, numbers and square on each others.. :/ )
    *WP htaccess Control (doesn’t seems to generate any htaccess file..)
    *WP Super Cache
    *WPtouch iPhone Theme

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  • i just installed buddypress, now i really have to modify the template ^^

    but that doesn’t solve my facebook sharing problem..

    still nobody :/

    well now i noticed that my link category shows only “posts” that are in the link category but NO actual links!

    i changed some posts to links with Post Type Switcher, but they still dont show as real links :/

    i guess it’s the same problem as youtube videos that are not really videos…



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    Post != Links. They are two completely separate entities. If you want to maintain a list of links for display on your site, use the Links/Add New option.

    okay i guess i got confused by this stupid template, it uses categories and can’t use anything else, meaning my photos can’t be in the photo menu because we can’t add categories to media 🙁

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