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  • Hey all,
    New to the forum and WP in general. I’m building my webstore and its becoming a big headache! I need help! I’ve looked all over and and while I’ve found numerous posts similar to my issue haven’t found an answer to my exact problem. I am setting up my store using woocommerce. I can’t access their forums because I’m using the free wootique theme and I guess you have to give them money to get their help :/. Anyway, my issue comes when adding my product variations. I have too many! I only have 1 attribute that affects price but I have 6 attribute categories and when I try to link all the variations it just won’t have it. I know there’s some limitation with woocommerce so I tried to narrow it down to only two main attributes with the intention of adding text boxes for the customer to specify the other options that don’t affect price. Well even with two attributes I still have 144~ variations total with 3 different price structures depending on the price altering variation (color) it takes me about 45 minutes just to fill them out and then when I do it still doesn’t work! My main question is, is there an easier way to do this?! I feel like this is a common issue and there should be an easier work around. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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