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    Alright, so I don’t know if this is my server’s problem or my problem, but this install is NOT running smoothly at all. I’m know nothing about php, but I have successfully installed coppermine photo galleries in the past, so I don’t know why installing wordpress is such a hassle.

    I got the install.php to show up, and then I went to wp-login.php, I entered the info that I was given, and it forwarded me to /wpadmin/ and then said that the directory was 403. I’ve set up all the permissions to be 777, so I don’t know why anything would be 403.

    I’ve been emailing my host about this, and they said something about some files being lost, so I’ve reuploaded all the files. But now, I’m getting the error message about establishing a database connection. :/

    I had this problem before the first time around, and the host did something to fix it and then it worked fine. But now I’m having the same problem and I need to know what to tell the people they need to fix.

    I don’t know, I’m kind of at my wits’ end because my host is being very helpful. I think I’ve talked to about 5 different people so far, all of whom are from india, and it takes them a few hours to respond. Sometimes as much as 6 or 8. I’ve been trying to install this since Tuesday and I’m really frustrated.

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  • When you re-uploaded, did you save your wp-config.php? That’s the file that you put your db info into.

    Yeah, it’s the same file. I don’t have a trouble with the database and user name… It’s just that my hosts are bunch of morons. They tell me some of the most retarded shit and it’s driving me crazy. I swear to god I never had this much trouble installing coppermine. GRRRR!

    so I finally deleted the database, redid it, deleted all the wp files, reinstalled them, got through the login, and it sends me to /wpadmin/ and it’s just a list of files…. is this right?

    nope. Now you need to make sure your web server knows that index.php is a default page.

    (most rational hosts already have that configured)

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