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  • Mkadmin


    Before I go on I must apologize for requesting help on something related more to technorati than wordpress. The technorati support isn’t replyijng to my mails so I thought the next best sopurce of help could be WP Support. SO here goes:

    When I try searching the URL in the blog directory, I face the following issues:

    1. The second search result is When I click this link, I get a 404. I haven’t put the post the link refers to in the Uncategorized category, so where did Technorati get this link from? The 4th and 5th search results have a similar link.
    2. The number of search results is only 5, whereas I have over 50 posts in my blog.
    3. In my WordPress dashboard, the incoming links are from I changed my blog URL to about three weeks ago, how come the old links are still being showed?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • moshu


    T. is “able” to show links 90 days old… and much older. Totally unrealiable 🙁

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