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    Hi – I was just curious if you’ve had anyone reporting any issues when using your plugin with a large multisite network built on AWS using load balancers and EC2 DB load balancers. We are experiencing an interesting issue where sometimes our users experience a 500 error in their dashboard and the only way to fix it is clearing the memcache – We’ve done a lot of searching and have narrowed it down to this plugin possibly being the problem. Almost seems like a timeout issue, but haven’t seen anywhere in the plugin where you set something like that? Was just wondering if you’ve heard anything or know of any reason why this wouldn’t work on a setup like that?

    Thanks! Any info you have would be very helpful!

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    For anyone using this plugin on a large multisite network, be aware of the multisite script that checks for every site on the network to see if it’s on the latest version. For small networks this probably isn’t an issue, for large ones it was causing major issues with us/memory/timeouts. We were able to remove that function and the plugin seems to work great now. The script seems unnecessary as network administrators would be handling the updating of this plugin, at least in our situation.

    The function can be found in styles-upgrade.php on line 89

    Other than that love the customization options this plugin brings to our users/authors.

    Plugin Contributor Paul Clark


    Thanks for following up with the solution.

    The upgrade scripts here aren’t upgrading the plugin itself, but rather the database schema. In the past, some users lost settings when the plugin data format was upgraded, while some bug fixes required surgical changes to data storage.

    For example, classes/upgrade/1.1.3.php fixed an issue where a few default fonts would not work correctly due to being wrapped in double-quotes instead of single-quotes. The scripted change makes sure users got the bug fixed without experiencing data loss.

    If a manual database upgrade needs to be ran in the future, a quick hack/fix would be to patch function upgrade_network() in classes/styles-upgrade.php to only run $this->upgrade_site(); on limited batches of blogs at a time.

    I don’t expect an update like this in the near future, although fixing this Crimson bug may merit it:

    I’m glad to hear you’re using Styles on a large network — this was my ideal use case in writing it. There has been lots of positive feedback for the plugin, as well as people wanting to contribute in small ways.

    At the same time, I haven’t had bandwidth to update Styles in significant ways in a very long time, and am looking for ways to market supplemental services to allow the plugin to be self-sustaining.

    Do you have any feedback on what you’d find useful?

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