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  • hello again,

    forgive me if i am missing something obvious here; i could not find anything similar on these forums to resolve my problems. please bear with me.

    i have a fairly simple site, there are 5 categories, corresponding to the main menu items. all posts are created by the site admin (no comments allowed), and they are placed into one or more categories. permalinks are being used, with a custom structure of: /%category% (category base is left blank). also using the “all-in-one seo” plugin, just fyi. also, each post is displayed in its entirety on each category page (not just excerpts), up to 10 posts per page.

    ok, here’s the problem. the title of each post is a link, which i believe should be a permalink to that post. however, what is showing up is that every post has as its link the permalink to that category page. so if there are 10 posts on the “Online Checking Accounts” category page, every one of those posts simply links to that category page; essentially a reload of the page.

    i should mention that when originally setting the site up, i was asked to NOT allow individual post pages, only the category pages listing the posts. i cannot for the life of me remember what i did, if anything, to make that happen. but i’ve been reviewing all my code modifications, and i don’t see anything that would cause posts to have links to their category page rather than to the post itself.

    i would appreciate any help or ideas anyone has as to why the posts are not linking to their single page, but rather to their category page.

    thanks very much,


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  • You cant just have /%category% as permalink structure, use

    say for example /%category%/%postname%

    thanks hotkee, i think that actually worked. duh! clearly i am not fully versed on the whole permalink thing.

    i had previously tried changing the permalink structure (to exactly your example), but every time i tried to change it i would get a server error something like “invalid request”. i finally just tried it directly on the live site (instead of in my development environment), and viola!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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