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  • Hi all,

    I’ve been having some trouble with page break tags —

    I’ve tried using the following —

    <div style=”height:14px;”></div>


    and <p> </p>

    Now here’s the issue — When I use any of these, they work, but then after doing a few updates they just disappear entirely from my HTML edit page.

    Any idea what’s up?

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  • First, a link to your site.
    Second, you are defining a division that does not exist. Use your CSS to style your line breaks rather than call them in inline. Putting a empty paragraph is not the answer.

    Here’s the page I’m working on

    It should have read —

    <div style=”height:14px;”></div>


    < /br>

    and &nbsp;

    What you should do is use css to set a bottom margin or padding on the div.
    Don’t use the style element on div’s, it’s horrible.

    A quick and simple fix could be:


    The br tags should only be used to ‘break a rule’ without going for a new paragraph. It looks like this <br> or <br />

    OK, sorry I’m new at this…

    If you follow the link to about mid-page… I don’t want all those images and headlines crowding into each other.

    If I put padding around the images, it just pushes everything to one side of it. I want text to be pushed below the image……hope that makes sense.

    Shouldn’t a forced page break of some sort do this? Well like I said it does…. works fine….then after re-publishing the page about 3-4-5 times it just disappears and all in crowded again.

    sorry… I did try the <p>&nbps;</p> and it does the same thing

    Try this on your images
    <img style="padding-left: 15px; padding-right: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-top: 0px;" src="" width="150" height="110" border="0"/>
    <img style="padding: 15px;" src="" width="150" height="110" border="0"/>
    It’s bad coding though. Styles go inside stylesheets, not inside the style attribute of html elements.

    It’s bad coding though. Styles go inside stylesheets, not inside the style attribute of html elements.

    Could you explain a little more….many thanks

    The way you’re doing it works, so don’t worry about that but it’s how they made webpages 10 to 15 years ago.
    Try googling ‘what is css’ or something like it.

    Ok…but even if I use css padding, it still just pushes text around the image….I need the next title and paragraph to be completely below the image….isn’t this what forced breaks are for? And why do they work one minute, and then disappear?

    <img style="display: block;" src="" width="150" height="110" border="0"/>

    That doesn’t seem to do it…it seems maybe I need more than one line break to push the content below the picture. Any suggestions?

    It seems like you are using the h4 heading only for that purpose. You can modify the h4 in your css and override the margin line with this:

    margin: 2em 0 2em;

    Or if you want a bigger gap, increase the number by point or whole.(2.3, 2.8,…)

    To find the h4 in your css, just search for it in that document.

    I’m using the h4 to make the text bigger….only that

    First, I really don’t know how to do that, and still…

    wouldn’t this override the entire document?….I’ll need different size gaps on each part of the page.

    Can’t you just designate what size gap you want below each picture and call it that?

    I got the following from

    For blank lines you can use this (you can adjust it by changing the number):

    <div style=”height:14px;”></div>

    It works well in all browsers……been then disappears into thin air after I update the page multiple times.

    stop updating the page multiple times or, switch to html view (upper right of the text box)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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