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  • I don’t know what I”m doing wrong. It’s really weird. On mac’s the pictures show the right size, on a pc they show up HUGE. I upload them via the posting area where it says upload picture then I click on send to post, then I get what you see when you visit the site now. What am I doing wrong. I’m a novice at this, and this is my first blog, so please help me. my email is

    The blog address is

    Any advice you can give me will be very helpfull. I’m sure it is an easy fix.

    Some people told me I need to resize the pictures before uploading them, but it says it does that auto if I upload through the posting area.


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  • Check resolutions. If your using 1024 on Mac and using 800 on PC< that would make a HUGE difference on your visual appearance. Other then that I couldn’t tell you. You could try altering your CSS to form to Safari’s standards.

    Well they do show up huge, actually just full size(2592×1944), on a PC if you are using IE. They fit your design with FireFox.

    you can either edit your posts to put in the width and height attribute on the image tag (to the size you want presented) or a bandwidth saving and better option would be to resize your images to the size you want before uploading that way viewers don’t have to download megapixel sized images and it will speed up your page.

    Or if for some reason you want the full sized images you can go the thumbnail route linked to the full sized

    Is there not an easy auto upload feature that adjusts all the sizes when you upload the picture?

    If you use the Image Manager plugin, you can manipulate the displayed image size right on the screen that is used to insert the image into your posts.

    In most cases, you should really be sizing your photos for a more “appropriate” size for the web, instead of uploading the hi-res image and then using height and width attributes for the “img” tag.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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