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  • Hey guys-

    I am trying to develop a site for a local non-profit client by customizing a wordpress theme and I am having major issues with the multi-level navigation bar plugin. Unfortunately, I have tried multiple other dropdown menu bar plugins, and this was the only one that came anywhere close to being able to work with so I’ve been fiddling with it for hours now.

    I believe my theme that I am currently using (Magasin-Uno by Padd Solutions) may have some javascript that may be conflicting with the javascript on the plugin, but I’m not entirely sure. I am certainly not an expert coder, but I’m unsure if it is a CSS issue or a JavaScript issue.

    Problem: On my submenu dropdown navigation bars, the background color disappears midway through the bar. If you look at the bar going across from the left to right, the color just stops midway through and turns transparent. I have my CSS set to a specific color, so I am unsure of why it is doing this.

    Any ideas? I would really appreciate all the help on this one because I am completely stumped.


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