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  • Erica


    I’m not sure if this is a bug or done on purpose, and I’m also not sure if it’s only been since 3.6 when this page made a lot of changes, but I wanted to kindly point out two items I found frustrating while creating my menus today.

    Under Appearance > Menus, when you are editing a menu, there is a section for Pages in the left column with a 3 tabbed box.
    #1 – The search function works properly so long as that’s the only one I use. If I then switch to ‘View All’ and change to page number 2, I cannot search again. If I go back to the Search tab, it will be disabled.

    #2 – The ordering of the search results doesn’t seem right. In fact it seems to be backwards, so it lists them from least to most relevant. If I type in the exact title of a page, it will appear last in my list. The real problem comes when I have several results. WP only shows 10 results, so when searching that exact title, if more than 10 results show up, I can’t see the page I’m looking for.

    I appreciate the help, thanks!

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  • esmi


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    #1: Well, that’s not right. The Pages Search tab works fine for me no matter how many times I swap back & forth between tabs.

    #2: Hmm… I kinds see what you mean about the ordering of results. Not sure if this is a bug or whether it’s by design but it might be worth a Trac ticket. Having a bit of a problem trying to test a scenario that should return more than 10 results.



    #1: How odd. I guess I will have to debug my theme and plugins to figure this one out.

    #2: I just noticed this bit on the news of Version 3.7. I’m assuming/hoping that this includes the dilemma I’m having. LOVE IT!

    Search results are now ordered by relevance, rather than just by date. When your keywords match post titles and not just content, they’ll be pushed to the top.

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