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  • Hello,

    I have some difficulties with the Fifteen Theme I installed yesterday.
    I create two menus :
    – one on the top,
    – an other in the center.

    The item of each menu doesn’t open. I create all pages and indicate the URL link for each item and sub-item.

    Moreover, the sub-item of menu in the center open on the right and not below. And the background color is dark.
    Does it possible to change this in the CSS Code as the green line color in the item of each article?
    I never use the CSS Code, but I think I could change it if someone give me the good way to follow up.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.
    Best regards,


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi Chatanat, I´m a newbie as well but I spent a lot of time with and inside the Fifteen theme during the last weeks to set up my new webpage, so let´s see if we can work out this together … it´s simply the best theme, at least for me.

    I think it´s just some settings inside the Fifteen theme to make it work.

    Background color and the green divider line should be changeable with some custom CSS, I still stay with the green line on my page because I really like it this way but I will have a look what´s the name of the parameter to change it.

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    Many thanks for your reply.
    Great if you can help me and work together!
    Fine if I also can change the green line 😉

    Please find my website link:

    Keep in touch.
    Thanks again!


    What I can say from a first look:

    head menue:
    – accueil: is linked to and works like intended, I think it´s the HOME button ? (sorry, my French is more than poor) 🙁
    – themes: has a double http:// prefix and therefore generates an error not finding the linked site “themes”
    – blog: same double http:// problem
    – contact: generates a 404 error, so the linked site “contact” is not valid or not present, at least not in the rood path of

    center menue:
    – the top three links are working perfectly
    – “Bienvenue sur le site Ambrefield Photo” isn´t linked to anything
    – the video link works perfectly

    top menue:
    – all links are generating a 404 error, so the target is not valid or not existing, what makes me thinking is also the way your write “themes”, in your links it is written the French way with the “`” on top of the first “e” – as far as I know this is not valid for links, only plain letters. Maybe this is part of your problem ?

    As for changing the background color: you can do this in the dashboard, go to “appearance” and chose “background”

    I will have a look at the green line as soon as possible but I´m pretty sure it´s doable


    Many thanks for your help.
    In fact, I correct the double Http:// and the “themes” but actually, it still doesn’t work for the top menu.

    Normally, when you create a menu, you have to create item and page. After that, you link both elements right? I don’t know what is the trouble.

    Cool if you can help for the CSS Code.
    I will have some other questions to ask you.

    Do you think we could exchange the email adress? It will be easier to resolve trouble and evolve my website.

    With many thanks in advance.
    Have a nice weekend.


    In the top menue you want to refer to pages, right ? If so, the links should look like this, with the page ID included:

    Your links look as if you try to link to a folder ? In general you are right, you create the page, connecting it with the corresponding menue and that´s it.


    Many thanks for your reply.
    In fact, the trouble comes from the links of the permalink. Now it works except for the “HOME” item and “Who am I?”. When I click on the main item, I can’t see the sub-item. The item appears like links and I can’t see the sub_item and the content of these items.
    Do you think I need to create other pages for each sub-item ? Because I try to change and use the same permalink for the menu in middle, but it doesn’t work.

    I don’t find the way to change the background color of the menu in the middle.
    Do you find the way to change the green color with CSS Code?

    I’ve got other questions :
    – First on the footer : Does it possible to delete the name of the template?
    – Secondly to create a form: Does it possible to create and importe a contact form in the item of the top menu?

    I let you my email adress if necessary:
    With many thanks in advance for your help.

    Have a nice day.


    For the HOME button you can simply set a link to just like you did before and you are done.

    I can´t find the “Who am I” item on your page but usually you will have to create a page for each item.

    You can delete the template name in the footer in the Fifteen settings

    For creating forms I have installed the “contact form 7” plugin and it works great, give it a try

    As for changing the color of the separation line and the background, add the following code to additional CSS of your page:

    #footer-sidebar h1.widget-title, #secondary h1.widget-title {
    box-shadow: 0px 20px 0px -18px #123456 !important;
    .single #content, .page #content {

    background: #123456 !important;

    Change the colors as per your requirement, this are the two #123456 items in the code, the first one is for the color of the line, the second one or the background color

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 12 months ago by singlecoil.


    Many thanks for your help.
    For the sub item in the Home Page, I already create a page for each item, but it still doesn’t work.

    For the CSS Code, do you have a specific wayI could paste it? Because I imagine I have to paste it in a specific area. If I don’t make it, it could change the style of my page.

    The plugin Contact Form seems works.
    I have an other question: where I could change the position of the top menu and copyright in the footer? I would like place the elements in the center of the page.

    Many thanks again for your help.
    Best regards,



    I have got an other question. I can’t open my theme only with page article. I need to have an other presentation page for my themes.

    Does it possible to create the same design like Home Page with boxes filled with images that come alive by flying over them with the mouse (a box for each theme subject) for my themes page?

    How can I do and create this page exactly?
    With many thanks again for your help.


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