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    Not sure if this belongs here or over in Plugins and Hack, but here:

    I’ve got Magic Fields installed, and I’ve set up one write panel with two groups, both of which have multiple fields. I have worked with Magic Fields a little before (someone else did the initial setup, but I created write panels and all and got them to list out on the page just fine. This time, something is definitely wrong. I’ve been trying to find something to explain what it might be, but so far, I can’t.

    First, I can’t get it to accept multiple entries (duplicate groups), even though it’s set to allow it. I’ve gotten one entry into each, but every time I enter the second and update the page, the second either vanishes entirely, or partly merges with the first, replacing one or two of the fields.

    Second, the bit of code to put in on the page isn’t displaying anything but an error about my foreach() being invalid. The entry exists, and I made sure I put the name in right (several times), but it’s pulling nothing. I even thought maybe the one namespace was confusing it, be changing it fixed nothing, nor did trying to use my other write panel.

    The only possible conflict that I can think of is that I had previously installed Magic Fields 2, but I have since deactivated and uninstalled it.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone, or any anyone make any suggestions about what the problem might be? This is actually a school project that’s supposed to be done by tomorrow, and is end-all due next week. I can hardcode stuff if necessary for that, but the person the site is being built for is not a big web person. (It’s both homework and a friend’s portfolio.)

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  • A classmate was able to help me figure out what was wrong; it was, indeed, a result of having Magic Fields 2 previously. I didn’t fully uninstall it, and so bits of it were messing up the other.

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