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  • I’m really scratching my head at this point, all indications point to the fact that I am doing this right, but I am not getting anywhere with this.

    A brief summary of my problem:

    I am attempting to import my livejournal entries from an XML file that was created using livejournal’s export tool. I saved the raw xml file locally and then uploaded it to my webserver into the same directory as the import script(/wp-admin).

    I went in and edited the file to what I believe to be correct:

    <p>Howdy! This importer allows you to extract posts from a LiveJournal XML export file. To get started you must edit the following line in this file (<code>import-livejournal.php</code>) </p>
    <p><code>define('XMLFILE', '');</code></p>
    <p>You want to define where the XML file we'll be working with is, for example: </p>
    <p><code>define('XMLFILE', '2002-04.xml');</code></p>
    <p>You have to do this manually for security reasons.</p>
    <p>If you've done that and you’re all ready, <a href="import-livejournal.php?step=1">let's go</a>!</p>
    define('XMLFILE', 'export_do.xml'); //I added this line, everything else was left untouched
    case 1:
    if ('' != XMLFILE && !file_exists(XMLFILE)) die("The file you specified does not seem to exist. Please check the path you've given.");
    if ('' == XMLFILE) die("You must edit the XMLFILE line as described on the <a href='import-rss.php'>previous page</a> to continue.");

    I am totally lost at this point and I am hoping this is a simple fix.

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  • Schuette


    I think I’ve done very similar to you.

    I’ve popped my .xml file in /wp-admin and i’ve pointed to it in import-livejournal.php. I also have this line:

    or if it’s in the same directory as import-rss.php
    // define(‘XMLFILE’, ‘rss.xml’)

    I can’t find an import-rss.php file so I’m wondering if this is why it says it can’t find it.

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