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  1. erstories
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I just loaded the Green Apples theme for my blog, erstories.net and like it but have some problems.
    1. I don't know how to move the header menu (which is of the blog pages) up. I want it to be up near the top of the page.
    2. I don't know how to narrow the centre row with the post content and widen the sidebars. I want the right sidebar to be a little wider to accommodate some ad code I have on it. I guess I need it to be wider relative to the body of the posts.
    3. I am having trouble with placing an RSS feed on the right sidebar. When I but in the link URL (www.erstories.net/feed), the widget displays correctly but just links back to the homepage. How can I fix that?
    4. I want to change the colour and size of the post titles - I can't seem to find that in the style sheet.

  2. erstories
    Posted 5 years ago #

    A followup question I just discovered.
    How do I make the theme adjust to widths of different monitors? I have it set up for wide screen monitors and it looks great there - but everything gets compressed on traditional monitors.
    Also, I figured out the RSS question.

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