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    I wanted to change the font size in the regular text of my pages in my twenty twelve and I went into the css-file and tried a little and something went wrong. (I did make a backup in a open office file).

    What happens now is that the size of the fonts can’t be the same size as they were earlier. The fonts are either bigger or smaller than how they were before. I’ve searched the code and comapared it to my backup but I can’t find what’s wrong. I also used a different tool – which shows whats differs between two codes – but the program couldn’t find anything that differs.

    I also noticed that if I write a new article the fonts are ok but if I try to formate (change) the fonts then they becamo to small or to big and not like the original font size before the formation.

    The page are in swedish. As you see the text isn’t a disaster but there is a difference.


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  • First, you should not be making ANY changes to the theme files in twentytwelve – as those changes will be overwritten when the theme is updated. Instead use a Child Theme or custom CSS plugin.

    Have you changed any other files?



    Hey, may be I known your issue.

    Have you now or earlier used any different posts writer (WYSIWYG editor) than default one. If so than its formatting are overriding your theme’s default formatting (font size, line height etc.)

    You may go to each post and remove those formatting (make sure that you backup first as removing bits of coding from a whole post can be risky if you are not experienced). They will look something like <span>, <p> etc.


    a safer trick which may or not work is copy text from post and copy it in NOTEPAD (not in any other) than remove text from post (check by switching to HTML mode that all such coding are gone). Copy and paste text from notepad to post editor back. Update it and see if theme formatting (style) are being displayed.

    I always prefer to edit styling from theme as it make changes to whole website’s post and posts display in same format.

    If you want some help with 20 12 theme than I may be able to help you as I also use it and known about most of its style.css codes.

    If still having issue than reply back.

    Thanks flr your answer.

    I don’t have the problem anymore.

    best regards

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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