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    Just upgraded to 2.0. (Nice!) I went to add some custom fields to my post and the keys “_encloseme” and “_pingme” appeared without my permission. I attempted to edit the custom fields and they do not appear in the edit area. I deleted the post and started over. The unwanted fields are still there and I can’t get rid of them.

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    By-the-way, I was using custom fields successfully under 1.5 with the Letterhead theme. I tried the default and several other themes and the problem exists regardless of the theme.



    My son created a temporary fix by adding a few lines to the wp-includes/template-functions-post.php file which supresses the printing of the “_encloseme” and “_pingme” custom field entries in the post.



    I have exactly the same problem here. How did you fix the problem?



    Sigh, exactly the same here, is there a solution for it yet? What did your son change, wblogan?

    I notice this same problem in my WordPress 2.0 database too. I noticed that some of my custom fields also won’t stay for some reason. They display in the database, but in the drop-down menu they don’t exist. I am using the “rc:custom_field_gui” ( ) plugin, so maybe that is the problem, but it seems to be working for most of my custom fields except for one here or there that gets entered into the database, but doesn’t display in the normal custom field drop-down list at the bottom. I was researching this bug when I saw all the “_encloseme” and “_pingme” entries in the database.

    Any solution yet? How do we report this as a bug?


    Bugs should be reported here:
    Try searching before posting a bug, maybe it has already been reported.

    I submitted this to the site after searching on the site and not finding anything related to this.

    The support ticket can be viewed here for everyone’s reference:

    I hope this helps bring the problem to someone’s attention that knows more than us and can fix the problem for all of us.


    I have a similar problem: custom fields do show up with “the_meta” on the blog. But I can’t see them in the admin area. I can add new fields and values, but existing ones just don’t show up in the list. This makes it impossible to edit or delete them.

    FWIW, if I click the “edit” link on a problematic post (at least when logged in as admin), it fixes the problem without me making any other changes.

    I don’t even have to save after clicking edit. Simply going to the “edit post” screen does the trick.

    I updated to 2.0.1 and it seems to be fixed now.

    I’m using 2.0.1 on a brand new blog with a brand new install, and I get the _encloseme field on my page. I also see the _encloseme and _wp_page_template in the drop-down list on the edit page.

    I don’t use any custom field plugins, though I do use Ultimate Tag Warrior (if that’s any help to know).

    It’s not a show-stopper, as I have my post-meta hidden to all but the highest-level users, but it’s kind of annoying to see it there 😉

    I have just upgraded to 2.0.2 and found the same problem with which I began this thread. I can’t tell what if any progress has been made to address the problem, but I modified the wp-includes/template-functions-post.php as I did in 2.0 and it works to suppress the printing of the unwanted data. I don’t understand what’s causing the problem, and don’t think this is a permanent solution. But it works for now.

    To the wp-includes/template-functions-post.php file add the following line after line 260 (so that it is line 261):

    if($key != “_pingme” and $key != “_encloseme”) {

    Then after line 264 add a line with a closing curly brace (“}”) (so that it is line 265).

    This will suppress printing of “_pingme” and “_encloseme” in posts with custom field entries.

    I have the same problem on two seperate blogs and it’s driving me nuts editting them out of my db.

    wblogan, thanks for the temporary fix. I wish it’s permanent though, because my postmeta table sure is getting crowded.

    I can report I have the same problem. “_pingme” isn’t in the drop down menu for custom fields though. I do have “_wp_page_template” there, which I suppose shouldn’t be visible either. I use version 2.0.2, with a couple of plugins that didn’t cause any trouble before, and where indicated as compatible.

    It is annoying to me even though some told me the “_encloseme: 1, 1” showing on my blog, looks kind of geeky.

    I have the same problem, that everyone said above, in my WP 2.0.3. The line _encloseme: 1 is printing where I print my custom fields. The related plugins I use are Custom Fields GUI, and GetCustomFields. I never saw _encloseme: 1 in WP 1.5.

    Has a solution been found?

    Can the author of the “WordPress 2.0.3 Tune-up Plugin” please include this fix?

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