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  • I’m having trouble aligning the input forms. I’d like them to begin at the same place vertically as the headings, not indented from the headings.
    For example, I’d like it to look like:
    Input form

    Input form


    As per your post in the thread “Form color almost invisible” I removed
    float: right !important;
    from the class “right”, added to the rr_small_input and rr_large_input classes:
    float: left;
    and tried each of the three below
    display: block;
    display: inline-block;
    display: inline;

    The forms no longer are to the far right, however, none of the display commands in conjunction with the float:left have made the forms go all the way to the left to line up with the headings.

    Instead, I get:
    Input form

    Input form

    How can I change this so that the headings and forms all line up underneath each other on the left hand side?

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  • It didn’t show up on the post above but what I get is the heading with the input form still indented to the right, not underneath it.

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