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    I know this is a common issue, but I’ve done everything I could have to try and make this work. I even copied a comment from a file that DOES work to see if it would work with mine and I’m still having some trouble.

    I’m using the Albeco Commerce theme from Ready! Commerce and I would like to make a child theme.

    I’ve created a folder in the themes folder called albeco-child
    and here is my top comments from the style.css file within that folder.

    Theme name: AlbecoCommerce
    Author: MyName
    Author URI:
    Description: Child theme for albeco commerce tailored for MyBusiness.
    Version: 1.0
    Template: albecocommerce
    @import url("../albecocommerce/style.css");

    🙁 I know this is common, but please don’t get mad at me. How can I solve this?

    I’ve tried adjusting the case of the Template name but still no luck.
    I get:

    Broken Themes
    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.
    Name Description
    Template is missing.

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  • Some info:

    Only two things required in child theme css sheet, although the other information you have is optional and ok.

    Theme Name. (required) Child theme name.
    Template. (required) directory name of parent theme, case-sensitive.


    Double check the name of your template which is case-sensitive. Are you trying to upload your theme? How about just uploading files via FTP, then going and activating the child theme?


    Theme name: AlbecoCommerce Child
    Template: albecocommerce

    The second line is case-sensitive.

    Thank you for your quick reply! 🙁

    I am using FTP to just upload this file directly, then checking in the “Manage Themes” area of the dashboard to see if it’s working.

    I’ve changed the file to only have those two things like you said… And I’m still getting the error message….

    Is there a way to confirm the spelling and case of the Template theme? I assumed it was the name of the original theme folder, is this right?

    The name of the folder /theme/(folder name here) can be named anything you want. .

    So you could have


    but that doesn’t necessarily mean the actual theme name is ‘davinci’. The actual name of the theme is defined in the style.css for the original (parent) theme.

    But as you had it before, within the child theme, the style.css must use the name of the /directory/ where parent theme is located, so that part looks right.

    I. Am. Frustrated.

    When I look in the Parent theme comments there’s no Template name, is that normal? Is the Theme name different from the Template name?
    I swear I have read all the documents, and watched tutorials and articles, but I’m still having trouble with this. No fun. 🙁

    This is the Parent theme comments

    Theme name: AlbecoCommerce
    Author: Ready! Shopping cart
    Author URI:
    Description: This is amazing theme for you to start commerce! This theme working ONLY with <a href="">Ready! Shopping cart</a> plugin!
    Version: 1.0

    This is what I have that doesn’t work.

    Theme name: AlbecoCommerce Child
    Template: albecocommerce

    The albecocommerce is the actual name of the parent theme folder

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    Where did you get that theme from?

    I’m working with this theme because I want to set up a Shopping cart for a client.
    I decided to use Ready! ecommerce with their free theme Albeco.

    I downloaded the theme directly from
    their website.

    I’m wondering if they have set up the theme so you can’t create a child theme (if that’s possible?)


    So your folder structure is



    can you provide a link?



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    I’m wondering if they have set up the theme so you can’t create a child theme (if that’s possible?)

    Yes, some themes will not work with child themes.

    Yes. This is my file structure.


    I actually emailed the people that put out this theme and recieved an email very quickly. Here is their response.

    No, we do not block any of such actions – create it as many as you want.


    The website is, but I have a “coming soon” plugin activated so you can’t see the actual page.

    I got it to work meow. 🙁

    I made a child theme of the twentytwelve theme that worked, and changed one thing at a time while checking to see if it was broken.

    For whatever reason, you can point it out to me if you like… what I had did not work. but this does.

    Theme Name:     Albeco Child
    Theme URI:
    Description:    Child theme for the albeco
    Author:         MyName
    Author URI:
    Template:       albecocommerce
    Version:        0.1.0
    /* Imports all styles from the Twenty Twelve stylesheet */
    @import url('../albecocommerce/style.css');

    Thank you for everyone who responded! I promise when I’m working from home I will spend some time on here and try to answer other people’s questions in thanks.

    The difference being the “Theme Name:” has a capital ‘N’ in the word ‘Name’. If that is the case of why it wasn’t working, I was unaware of that the words ‘Theme Name’ had be capitalized. Although looking back at the documentation from WP for Child Themes, it does indeed show: “Theme Name:” rather than “Theme name:”

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