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  • I’m working with the Maxx theme from Themeforest. I posted a message on their comments section but I haven’t heard anything back so I’m trying here, too.

    The site is running on my test server here:

    My standard practice when working with themes is to create a child theme and import the parent theme’s style.css to get started.

    This particular theme, though, is a little different than most I’ve worked with. The original style.css in the parent theme doesn’t have any actual rules in it at all. It’s nothing but the comment at the top to actually enable the theme. Then they have a /css directory with all of the theme’s actual styles in it.

    I’ve created my child theme and enabled it, and the site is still loading just fine, but still using all of the parent theme rules because I haven’t done anything. Where I’m getting lost is that my child theme’s style.css doesn’t seem to be taking effect when the site loads, however, my custom pages do show up and are usable, I can confirm that the child theme is indeed the current theme, and everything seems good except for my custom CSS rules.

    If I add something to my child theme’s style.css it doesn’t take effect on the site. Also, I don’t have to import the parent theme’s styles into my child theme like I normally do for some reason, and when I view all current CSS files in a given page my style.css doesn’t even show up, like it’s not even included in the page.

    So, I’m a little lost and would appreciate any information I can get on how to work with such a theme. Thanks!

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  • Good Guy


    Are you using a theme from Themeforest by any chance? If so, have you asked them what exactly is the problem with their theme? We can’t help here with premium themes because we don’t have access to their themes to look at the code and, as you may know, we need to try try the solutions before we can post here.

    Hope this helps.

    Yes, it is from Themeforest. I posted to the theme developer’s support page a couple of days ago and haven’t heard a response back so I figured I’d try here to see if anybody has run into this and can give me a quick tip.

    I think it may have something to do with the fact that it’s using get_template_directory_uri() everywhere instead of get_stylesheet_directory_uri(), which is unfortunate that a premium theme would do that.

    I guess I’ll have to wait and hopefully hear from them about how to work with their themes.

    Good Guy


    As you know, we can’t tell anything about the php codes because they are stripped down by the browsers when we view the page. All we see are HTML and CSS codes and these are not going to help anybody here to tell you what is happening.

    Themeforest has a very bad support site and all they do is collect themes from all over the place and sell them without supporting any of them. People would be better off using free themes from and they can get all the help they need from these forums.

    Don’t know what to say about your problem but a few days ago we came across a theme that did not support a child theme at all and the person who released it refused to comment nor to help anybody.

    Yes, it’s definitely the case that some themes won’t work with child themes because of the way they are set up. Sounds like you unluckily got one of those. Hopefully, TF will respond, otherwise, perhaps consider dumping that theme and cutting your losses.

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