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  • I added the same both sets of links to the sidebar to demonstrate the underline, when they are in alphabetical order no underline but order of first link posted they are underlined.

    below are two separate calls for the links, the first puts them in alphabetical order but the second does not but has an underline which I can not get rid of.

    <?php get_links_list(); ?>
    <?php get_links(1, '<br>', '</br>', '', TRUE, 'id', FALSE); ?> make sure to select alamo theme.

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  • Well the first set is pulled as an actual list, so it is styled using the appropriate li tags. The second set is not pulled as a list, it is just separate anchor tags, so they are underlined because your anchor tag doesn’t say not to. If you add text-decoration: none; it would go away.

    Easiest thing would probably be to use <?php get_links_list(‘id’); ?> then it should sort the list by the ID#

    Thanks oriecat, I actually did try that <?php get_links_list('id'); ?> but it left them alphabetical, where should I add the text-decoration: none as I was all thru my css this morning and added that several places to no avail.

    As you can see I changed it to that but the links are still abc etc

    It’s just your plain old a { section. It will also affect other links.

    You could maybe put the call in a new div and style that instead if you don’t want the underline to go away other places.

    or try wrapping the call as a list or something, then it should use the ul or li style?

    I have text-decoration: none; like this (a:hover {
    color: #9D5C00;
    text-decoration: none;})
    above but it does not do the trick, there is only one instance of underline in my css and I also checked border-bottom and that is not it. I can go to where the links get their text transform and set it to blink and they flash, it is set to lowercase now but I can take that out and set it to text-decoration: none; but this too does not work, I spent a couple of hours with the css but I think it is in the php call.

    I wrapped them both but nothing changed.

    dawg there wont be instances in the CSS – it is default behaviour. Just put
    ul a {text-decoration: none}
    in your CSS. Oriecat is right.

    It’s not the hover, it’s the plain one, just a.

    Ok, you have them in a ul now, so add this:

    ul a{
    text-decoration: none;


    🙂 7 seconds!

    Thanks Root and oriecat, that did it, my ac/air has been out all day, my mind can not function well when I am hot. I was changing everything everywhere, changing but did not add anything. Thanks again.

    NP 🙂 Hope you cool off!

    “ac/air”? Whereinthehell do you LIVE, dawg? It’s 31 and snowing here, I don’t care that spring happened 4 days ago…. [of course, we don’t have ac in the summer either….]

    It is 88 right now inside my office, earlier it was 92. Ten Miles from Mexico, deep south Texas BTW vkaryl I like your new site, but I miss the themes

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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