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  • I am not a techy, so please answer this simply, if possible. I am struggling to add an adsense plug-in to my blog. First, I started with a theme which did not have widgets. I changed my theme to one that does allow widgets, but none of the pre-packaged plug-ins are for advertising. When I try to upload one, (by hitting the install/download button), it gives me the wp-content directory error code. I googled this code and got answers that ranged from re-write the codex (which I don’t know how to do) to those that say it is impossible to add a plug-in to a free wordpress account. Many of the answers are so technical that I’m finding it virtually impossible to make sense of them.

    Is it impossible to add ads to a free wordpress blog?

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  • >>to those that say it is impossible to add a plug-in to a free wordpress account.<<

    Are you talking about a wordpress.COM account? Hosted over at wordpress.COM? if so, you’re in the wrong place. They have their won forum. This is wordpress.ORG – for people who have their own hosting, and their own installations of WordPress.

    If you’re talking about a account, then yes this is true: You cannot download and install your own chosen plugin on a account. You can apply to have it allowed in the available plugins they offer – but you can’t download and install it yourself. The free wordpress blogs are on a WordPress MU installation – which means the owner of the site decides what plugins and themes are allowed ot be used by people who sign up for an account. They do not have access to put in their own stuff. If you want full control over your site and what you can or cannot do, then you need to get your own hosting and your own installation of WordPress.



    It sounds like you have a self-hosted WordPress installation ( doesn’t even mention plugins).

    I’d try another Adsense plugin if the one you have isn’t working out for you (I’ve used “Ozh’ Who Sees Ads” successfully). On my blog, I just put my Adsense code in a text widget and that worked fine for me. I only have one primary ad on the right hand navigation bar, but using a text widget should do the trick if you’re having problems with plugins.

    My husband – who IS a techy – helped me with installation, but he hasn’t had extra time to help walk me through the rest and I quickly got in over my head. In fact, I’m not sure he knows. He starts getting that glassy look to his eyes and starts talking in jibberish shortly thereafter uttering words that only fellow techies would appreciate. I have tried to follow an internet how-to site that highly recommended Dreamhost as a host, then I installed WordPress. Perhaps that is the problem? At some point, I got lost between the two. We have replaced the FTP with Filezilla. I will quickly jump over to the dashboard and see if I can get Ozh to work. Thanks so much for your help.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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