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    I posted earlier about not finding piclens under “plugins”in site admin. I uploaded another plugin…..same thing. I am obviously very new to this, I am following the directions as where to upload to. I can see the plugins in my webshell but not in my site admin.
    Please help and tell me whatI am doing wrong

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  • Check the folders you unzipped to your hard drive. Sometimes when you unzip the folder, there’s a like-named folder inside.

    For example, the foo plugin is in You unzip it, and the directory structure ends up like this:


    If you just upload the /foo-1.2 folder with the /foo folder inside, WP won’t be able to find it. Drill down and upload only the /foo folder. Does this make sense?

    Thank you,jonimueller,but there are no folders in the folders I uploaded. I checked. I tried to install another plugin, same story. Could it be a server issue? I am operating on php4. I could change over to php5, but it is a real hussle.
    Any other ideas?

    Are the plugins compatible with the version you are running?

    Make sure you are uploading to the same wp-content/plugins folder as the installing of WordPress you are trying to activate the plugins on (if multiple installations installed).

    Make sure you are uploading the entire contents of the plugin into a unique directory (kind of what joni said, but make sure subfolders are there too, if any).

    If I think of anything else I’ll let you know

    and sometimes youre not supposed to upload the folder with the plugin at all. sometimes its just one .php file that goes directly into the plugin folder.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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