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  • I made a blog post just the day before the updating to 3.8 and all was fine.

    After updating, I am now having trouble uploading to my media library. I’ve tried using Chrome, Firefox, as well as Internet Explorer. I get a “HTTP error”.

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  • Two important questions:
    1) What is the error message? There are a lot of HTTP errors (eg

    2) How are you uploading the file to your media gallery? Is it the drag and drop editor? Something else?

    I’ve tried both the browser upload and the drag N drop editor. It shows the upload go up to 96% and just stalls there. One error message is the “Http error” (no additional information), the other browser gives a time out error. I’ve also tried to upload manually using a FTP client but of course it’s not showing up in the media library even though the image file is there in the correct folder.

    I’ve found out that using Internet Explorer works but I have to wait awhile after the meter shows 100% uploaded to let it show up in the library. I will now try using Chrome and Firefox to do more research on this issuel

    Try using the default theme again (twenty fourteen or twenty thirteen… either way) and disabling all your plugins… does the media upload still hang once you do that?

    If so, you may want to contact your web host….because at that point it’s probably something on the server itself. Unless you’re pretty comfortable with servers, you may be much better off contacting the host and seeing what they say. If you are not aware of it, there is also a WP jobs board here: You may be able to find help there.

    Do try turning off all the plugins and switching the theme back to default theme first. There’s actually a good chance that will take care of the problem. If uploads work with the default theme and no plugins, you can reactivate your theme, test again, reactivate plugins one at a time, keep testing, etc, and isolate the problem (for that matter, some plugins cause problems that go away after you turn them off and on again… so you may end up turning everything back on and it works perfectly after you do…. definitely give the plugins–>off, theme–>default thing a try before you go digging very far)

    After trying several troubleshooting procedures, like disabling the plugins and changing themes, I have not found the problem and/or solution to my problem.

    My current “band-aid” is to reduce the size of my images to under 1MB and upload it. At this size, the interface works as it should but anything bigger it gets hung up.

    Have you asked your hosting company about this?

    Or checked/changed the max file size upload limit?

    How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress

    I am having the same problem. I don’t know enough of the language you are using to for instance: disable the plug ins. I was able to upload photos one month ago.

    Now, It goes into this mode where the loading bar shows 98% upload…then it goes to 100%…then it backs down to 96% and then it goes into this interminable “crunching” phase….then nothing.

    What should I do?





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    @danmorocco: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

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