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  • Hi, I’ve uploaded plugins before, but this one does not seem to like me…

    I unzipped the Adsense deluxe plugin to my “plugins” folder, ftp uploaded it via Filezilla, however when I log into my Dashboard, and click “Plugins” it does not show up.

    Any idea what I did wrong?

    If it helps the site is

    Thanks in advance:)

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  • When you unzip a folder that contains a folder, you get the following structure:


    You need to upload to wp-content/plugins the second level folder (adsense), or even the individual files (adsense.php and so on).


    Yes, I did that. Any other ideas what mistake I made?

    You could try uploading the adsense.php file directly to wp-content/plugins. That’s worked for me for some plugins in the situation where the plugin manager didn’t see it. The associated files and folders (like image folders) need to be located relative to wp-content in that case. Before doing any of that, delete any adssense plugin files you have uploaded before because there could be a file conflict.

    I don’t like to do this because the plugins folder gets crowded and there could be filename conflicts, but that’s life.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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