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    Please help! I’m trying to download a theme from wordpress, specifically “blue diffusion”. I bought a book on building wordpress blogs, because I don’t have a lot of skill/experience with computers. However, it feels like I’m trying to read directions in Swedish.

    The book tells me to…”download the files to your computer. The files will be compressed in an archive, such as a .zip file. When you’ve downloaded the archive, use your favorite decompression utility to expand it. Then transfer the theme folder via FTP to the themes directoryon the remote server that hosts your blog: After you’ve uploaded the new theme’s folder, refresh the Themes panel to verify that the theme is installed and ready to use.”

    Is there any way this could be simplified? I’m not exactly sure what my favorite decompression utility is, what an archive is, etc. Any help is appreciated.

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  • I feel your pain on this…I cannot offer any help, but I hope others will post answers. I have said many times it’s like reading a foreign language!

    An archive is a compressed file. The most popular version is called a zip (or zipped) file and has the file extension of .zip, such as Most WordPress themes and plugins are in the form of zip files. What they actually are is a normal file, or set of files, that is compressed, made smaller, by the compression program. These compressed files can not be used until they are uncompressed or (in the case of zip files) unzipped.

    Most computers, when you click on the file, it will start your unzip utility automatically. If not, right-click and then look for a line that some something like unzip, uncompress, unarchive, or something similar. It may give you options of locations to place the files. Don’t worry about this. But make sure to tell it to place the output in a new folder. This is not often needed, but sometimes the output is not already in a separate folder and then all the files will come out mixed all over the place with other files on your computer and can leave a mess trying to figure out which ones are part of that zipped archive and which ones are not.

    Now, when you enter the folder, if all you see is a single folder, then just copy that folder to your wordpress site (the inside folder). If you see a bunch of files and folders inside the original folder then the person zipping the files screwed up and you will be glad that you created the new folder.

    now that you have your theme uncompressed and ready to use, you need to put these files on your webhost so they can be used. Do this the same way that you uploaded your main wordpress file. Most people use an ftp program and some use their control panel, if it allows you to upload entire folders or directories. In your main wordpress directory will be a folder called wp-content. open that one up. Inside that is a folder called themes. open that up. Here is where you want to upload all the new files.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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