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  • Hello

    For some reason our site went down and we cannot figure out what is happening. It seems like there may be some miscommunication between the domain and the files.

    The site is

    The files for the site are in

    We cannot figure out why the site is down or how to fix. We recently took over this site and we believe it was moved to this yahoo hosting. And we think there may be an issue with how the domain is communicating with the files (with that home_new folder).

    Can anyone tell anything that may be off about the site?

    Thank you for your help.

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  • Also it looks like the site home page is live and working on

    but not on any of the other pages. (FAQ, contact)

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    Hey there,

    Try going to “Settings–>Permalinks” and re-saving your selection there. This is a common way to fix interior pages erroring when the homepage is functional.

    I am experiencing the same issue after updating wordpress core to 4.5.1

    However just attempting to change the permalinks does not resolve the issue. I am going to test if the theme could be causing the error.

    Yea a friend is telling me it is permalink related but saving the permalinks does not fix it.

    I am waiting to see what he says as he knows much more about these topics.

    I will update here if I find out the answer.

    Thanks for the input guys.

    So I tested other themes out and it is indeed a 4.5.1 WordPress core update. Myself and another have posted to the development team regarding the issue:

    I am able to replicate the issue over and over again locally by rolling my GIT repo back to before the 4.5.1 upgrade and it is indeed core.


    Found out someone had added flush_rewrite_rules(); in a custom post type that was a plugin. When I commented this out and re-saved permalinks everything started working again.

    Hope this helps

    Hey tmh2k1,
    So I took a quick look at your website and noticed that all the urls are still /my-premalink, or in your case

    However if you visit You’ll notice the page loads and works fine. The issue is currently with your menu on the interior pages as it is still using the old structure and not including /home_new/

    Try updating your menu on the interior pages to go to the right URL and you should be okay.

    Fregan. Thanks so much for the help.

    All the files are supposed to be pulling from the folder home_new without using that in the url. Before the WP update we did not have the home_new in the urls.

    And now that I updated the theme Those pages are not working, even with the home_new.

    So do you still recommend commenting out that code? And if so what file is that in?

    Or should I create a custom permalink structure?

    Thanks a bunch. Really appreciate it.

    Hey tmh2k1,
    The flush_rewrite_rules() most likely is not your issue as it seems you have some other problems that are happening due to the actual file structure of your website.

    Double check the DB and make sure Site URL is pointing to the correct URL. Also make sure to double check the instructions on installing WP in a sub directory:

    Hope that helps you out.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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