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    I am currently testing how to transfer WordPress from a bluehost site to my own server. Site I am trying to transfer is and I am transfering it to server IP address I am just trying right now to make sure I get the bugs worked out first. The website name was renamed based on database changes suggested Here.

    This is my first experience with WordPress. I read the basic instructions on how to transfer to a new server and then obtained the website files and the database backup. The database backup was created with a WordPress Backup Plugin. I did not notice any errors with the SQL, but did get a couple of unspecified warnings on import.

    Overall It appears as if the main blog information is there, but some stuff appears to be missing. Specifically I noticed that the Menu, Title and Sidebar#2 did not display at all.

    I went into the admin control panel (login worked) and went to the Thesis Theme (version 1.6) section, which requested me to do an upgrade. Upon doing this upgrade, which appeared to do nothing; the Menu (home only) and the Title background image appeared on the site. I then added a few menu items with the Thesis Nav Menu and noticed the choices were different than the old site.

    I also noticed that our single form from Gravity Forms (version 1.3.1) is not working properly. It is both the form page and parts of the Gravity Forms utilities. I cannot see the form design (get PHP foreach errors). The data is there from the summary mode, but cannot view individual entries due to more PHP foreach errors.

    Sidebar#2 appears to have all of its information removed, which is why nothing was displayed.

    I also had a problem was the Permalinks not working, but I resolved this with information in the Codex.

    I have done multiple reinstalls without getting much acomplished other than confirming that the problem is repeatable.

    My top suspects are that the database did not get exported completly or that I am missing a specific server setting. I do have full access to the server to make any needed changes.

    If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.


    William Gilchrist

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    That is the link I used when I started. I have done many variations on what this documentation says. Including a replication of this one:

    Note: If you are changing to a new server but same domain, all you need to do is edit wp-config.php and upload everything as it is to your new server.

    I modified my hosts file to point to the new server, but the same problem persisted.

    My wp-config.php file has been modified properly to reflect the new database. All of the files are in the correct place as far as I can tell. The current state of the WP install is that it thinks its name is the IP address, which was accomplished via a database update.

    Any other advice?

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    Double check the host name (e.g., “localhost” Vs. something else). That is, make sure the host name is the one that is allowed by your server.

    The config file is properly setting the Database set to localhost. The posts seem to show up.

    Thought I would give an update.

    I got access to PHPMyAdmin on the primary server and exported the database as per the codex instructions. The upload went smooth and all of the missing parts are now there.

    I suspect that this WordPress Backup Plugin is incomplete. It does not seem to export properly for Gravity Forms or Thesis Themes data. An error on one could be impacting the other one.

    Thanks for trying T-P

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    Glad you got it working. 🙂

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    @williamgilchrist: the plugin does a very good job. What you missed are the settings for the plugin, where you select the non-WP tables to export in addition to the standard WP tables. Selecting all tables will make a complete backup. By default, all existing tables are not selected to give users options to not backup tables that aren’t critical, in their own judgement.

    I made sure and put check boxes by every table that it let me select. This was on two seperate days by me and once by the someone else. I saw the Gravity Form tabels were exported; they just didn’t work properly once imported.

    I will not rule out the possibility that I did something wrong with the backup as anything is possible. What I do know is that three different backups with that utility did not work for a server transfer. A PHPMyAdmin backup worked the first time.

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