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  • My blog is hosted on bluehost. I have been trying to move blog from to Unfortunately I didn’t go into the old blog and do exports first.
    I tried to follow wordpress directions and simply move files but while the files ended up in right directory I could not access them. After many tries I eventually installed new blog and attempted to import copy of database which I had on desktop using PHPAdmin program. When I tried this the new blog became corrupted and was unable to access as well as getting error message from import process.
    Although I could reinstall theme and plugins etc I don’t want to lose the posts.
    Now I have a new blog on, a backup of database on my desktop and another copy of blog on bluehost that I can’t access. I am running out of things to try…any suggestions?

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  • To access the unaccessible blog, use PHPMyAdmin to change your URL to the URL of whatever location you moved your site to.

    If your old database with all your posts in it still exists in PHPMyAdmin, use the export feature to export a .sql copy of your database, then install a new WordPress using SimpleScripts, then use PHPMyAdmin to import the copy of your exported .sql file into the database that SimpleScripts created. (You will need to empty the newly-created database before you will be able to import into it.)

    I tried doing exactly as you said prior to my first post, I even went through in wordpad doing find/replace function to change url but whenever I used ‘import’ it would simply wipe out my new blog

    Don’t you want your new blog wiped out/replaced with the backed-up blog? If it seems to import properly, but the site doesn’t work, maybe your import is working, but a theme or plugin you’re trying to use in it has problems.

    Also make sure that the version of WordPress you are installing is the same as the version that your backup was made from.

    Don’t try changing the URL in the backup file at this time. Leave it alone for now, do the import, check the URL setting after the import via PHPMyAdmin as referenced above, if images and content aren’t showing up, try changing your theme, deactivating all plugins, and then, if needed, get a search and replace plugin to search for instances of the old URL and replace them with the new one.

    Provide a link for your site here if you have any questions as to how content is, or isn’t, showing up along the way.

    In the end I got my host to restore blog from backup then made another blog in new area and used the wordpress export and import functions to recreate original blog. Took a little extra time to reinstall plugins and redo theme etc but I got the result I wanted.
    Thanks for your suggestions

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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