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  • My blog is experiencing routing problems. If you type the name into the search bar, it either looks glitchy or says the site doesn’t exist.
When I first created the site I created it under and used as the web host with the same domain name. Then I decided to create a new domain name with 1and1 called and linked it to the same files the site was using- that way if you typed in into the address bar, you would come up with the same wordpress site as I recently decided I didn’t need to be paying for both websites and that 1 would do, so I picked the website and deleted Now I’m not sure how to relink all of the blog posts and fix this problem.


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  • Your first site (.info) shows some funny redirection codes and Chinese characters, while the second one seems to be infected with malware: see report.

    Sorry, I did not visit the sites. Are they working? Do you have any backups?

    Edit: Your .info site is probably expired or offered for sale as per this report.

    Are you aware of these facts or not?

    The .info site I gave up and deleted. It’s not really the one I’m concerned with, its the site that I want. I deleted the .info site in 1and1 because I thought you could still type in and the same site would come up since I linked them to the same information.
    I wasn’t aware of the malware. I think I have the backup with my 1and1 web host.

    If you have a backup or can get a backup, delete everything in your site, reinstall WordPress and restore your site. You may want to go through the steps in the link below, because you may still leave back doors for hacking and malware.

    Follow the instructions at:

    Ok thank you! What should I do if I cannot get a backup?

    You have to use a backup prior to the date of the infection. You may contact your host for a backup.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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