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    I know this is a plugin and I have posted on their forums, but they are a very quiet place. So I am going to attempt to get an answer here.

    In the Plugin control panel I can remove the category without issue. The problem is on my live site. The category exists and has random products within it.

    The following is two links:

    1. This is a screenshot of the admin control panel. You will see that the categories end at “j” (highlighted in red).

    View post on

    2. This is a link to our live site where you will see under the category “I. Coffees” there is a subcategory “k. Holiday Coffees”. I have removed this from the admin section, but it still exists live.

    Thank you for any help that you may have to offer.

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  • anybody have any information that may be helpful. I’m fairly certain the plugin is WP e-Commerce

    Perhaps you can’t remove the category while there are still products in it? Maybe try removing the products, assign each to another category?

    Double checked, everything that is being shown in that category is not assigned. The category is just populating randomly.

    Thank you @deepbevel

    I googled some stuff and see no similar situation, might want to try disabling all other plugins to see if there’s a conflict, maybe try another theme too.

    I can try disabling other plugins, but as far as trying a different theme goes…It was created for the company before I worked here by an outside source. Thank you for the tips.

    you wouldn’t try another theme permenantly, only to test if that’s the issue. if it is you’ll want to know.

    I went into the widget menu and there was a “sidebar1” box area with an item inside it called “Text” it was a html filled box that had an unordered list that contained list items. I removed the list item that corresponded to subcategory that I needed removed.

    I am new to wordpress. (less than 1 month) So I am not sure if this is the intended way that the widget is supposed to function.

    Thanks for your help in this matter.

    somehow it was hardcoded in the widget text area, that’s odd unless someone modded the theme before you used it. WP ecommerce doesn’t hard code html in widgets. no plugin do that I’m aware of. is the website that I have been referring to.

    The shop page contains the list of categories on the left side of it.

    Is the area in light brown part of e-commerce or the widget?

    Have to drive home…my response will be delayed.

    not familiar with the plugin. But it must have it own way to dynamically create category lists. You might google for a tutorial.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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