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  • Further info, now the is being sent to and asking to install WP – I don’t want that since it’s already there – I just want the the posts and pages and comments!


    This is confusing. As far as I can tell, your situation is like this:

    Original site was not WordPress but was located in the top domain. Now he wants to move this original site to /blog and he wants to use WordPress? What was he using before?

    Original site at was WP

    Now moving blog to – still WP

    Want the original dbase posts, etc to show up in new install

    You’re not actually moving the database – it stays where it is. A database doesn’t technically live at a domain, it lives on your server and your site files refer to it, in WP’s case via the wp-config.php.

    It sounds like what you want to do is move the WP files ???……

    If that is the case, create a new top level folder called “/blog” and then MOVE all of the existing WP files to the new folder, keeping all of the existing sub-folder structure the same, so for example the folder where the theme is located will now be /blog/wp-content/themes/YourTheme/

    You will need a new “index.html”, or “index.php”, or some other default.htm file in your top level folder in order to handle traffic to the site, if that is the intention, and a new link to the “Blog” portion of the site which would be located at

    You will ALSO need to log in and in the Settings >General you will CHANGE the URL that appears in the boxes to include the /blog/ on the end.

    If that is NOT what you are trying to accomplish, post back with a more clear explanation of what your client wants, and maybe why, and someone should be able to help you better….

    Thanks Trisha.

    I have created the new /blog/ subdomain, installed WP and installed the contents of the wp-content folder to the new subdomain.

    I realize that the database is still where it always was – question being – how do I connect the new install to the existing database?

    I’ve tried copying the contents of the original wp-config.php file, but I cannot connect to the existing database with the new installation.

    Is that any clearer or still muddy?



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    /blog/ subdomain

    You mean /blog/ subdirectory, big difference. Check out Moving WordPress to a New Directory article in Codex for more info. Good luck.

    @vadiva: Thanks for the extra info. I’d concur with mercime that the codex document is probably the most useful for you.

    p/s: Sometimes I feel tempted to just move posts/comments/categories etc. using the export WXR option, as the options table sometimes gets a little cluttered with all the test plugins 😉

    OK – supremely screwed now.

    Original blog at has been reinstated, but when I connect it to its original database via wp-config.php it isn’t showing the posts or anything. It’s only showing the Hello World post.

    Any ideas?


    I think this is a sign that WordPress was effectively ‘installed’ into the database. I recall you mentioning that you did backup the database before the move, so I guess it’s time to bring it out and import it via phpMyadmin?

    Thanks Mosey – did that but the (_)&(*@#&*(P@& thing still won’t pull the data from the new dbase. I’m assuming that means I have something buggered up with the import?

    J 😉

    Umm… sorry to say this, but it certainly sounds like something has gone amiss. Since I’m slow; do you now have two databases going at the moment – one for the top level domain and the other at /blog?

    Mosey? Is that you? Use to own Zetapets or something similar? Remember me? Throw-In? 😀

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