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  • I really need some help with my wordpress template…I’d appreciate any help anyone could give me.

    I’m modifying moshu’s Dark Maple theme into something that (looks) far different (based on the Apple iPod shuffle site) but is structurally similar.

    I’ve got a fake site (static html, but the real CSS) running here:

    The colors aren’t quite done, but I’m working on it


    I want to do rounded edges on the top light green box and the red box at the bottom. I’m having trouble doing that in CSS.

    I’m trying to make a grey rounded edge background (a grey version of the story title background for the post background). How do I implement it and how do I make sure both don’t break if I type in too much text?

    The navigation links look good but I want to make the hover background into rounded edges. I tried doing this with background images with the hover and link classes, but it never looks right.

    Finally, right now the dark green navigation links are made up of both an image (the header bottom) and their own class…how can I convert it to one class? Like I would like the dark green navbar and the header to be defined through CSS and not as images and then I’d just like to float the right graphic on top of them.

    Thank you so much!

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