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  • Thank you all ahead of time for any help provided.

    I’m having a rather interesting problem with my WordPress install. The situation is as follows.

    We have a Magento multisite in the web root that’s running,,, etc. Underneath that Magento multisite, in /news/, we have a WordPress multisite with a site for each domain used in the application above it. Please note that mentioning Magento was only for context.

    Originally, I went with a sub-directory install and then manually modified the url in each site which gave me a url structure that looked something like this for WordPress

    The problem with this is that WordPress needs to work off of /news by itself, without the sub-directory following it.

    So far, when I remove the sub-directory from the WordPress url path, posts and pages cease to function. When I set it to be a subdirectory install, posts and pages come back but the admin login page shows no action when attempting to log in.

    Any help you can offer would be appreciated..

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