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  • I NEED HELP! I am new WP. The person who originally set up the WP site for this company is now MIA, so instead of starting over with a new site, they’ve asked to modify certain elements.

    The website is:

    The template used for the site is bsocial by ithemes shown here: bSocial

    Here are my issues:
    1. I can’t figure out how to get rid of the border color (the burgundy one) that is most of the home page…I’ve went into the style sheet and can’t find it and viewed the source code and still can’t find it. Even if I did find it in the HTML code, I have no idea how to modify HTML…

    2. I can’t figure out how to replace or get rid of the image of the girl on the top right corner of the page. On the template site it appears this should actually be a latest blog update function and not a jpeg image…

    Any suggestions?

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  • Hi,

    Your burgundy color is #753534.

    You can change it in your style sheet:
    #container {
    background: #753534;

    The girl picture is located on your server at:

    Just make a new image and rename it the same as the one that is there and upload it.

    OOPS – too late! You may need to size your new image to 265px H x 295px W to keep the proper proportion.

    Thank you so much for your response! I understand what you are telling me to do, I just don’t know where I am supposed to do it. It seems like there is an admin section that I am unaware of…

    I’ve been trying to work straight off the wp-admin panel, but is there another place that I can make these changes? I tried this page, but it is an error page….

    So I am still confused by where I make all the changes…

    Thank you for your help.

    You can edit the css file with the WP editor. Go to Admin->Appearance->Editor. Click on style-green.css in the right panel to open the file. Find ‘#container’ (at line 138). Edit the line ‘background: #753534 none;’, or remove it.

    The image file is in ‘themes/bSocial/images/latest-bg.gif’. There may be an option in your theme’s setup to allow you to upload a new image. If so, that would be the easiest thing to do. Unfortunately, since bSocial is a premium theme (i.e. purchased), I cannot see its options. Perhaps you can get support from the theme creator.

    If not, you will need to replace the file mentioned above. To replace it, you will need to use ftp or a file manager supplied by your host. Create your replacement on your pc and upload it to the location above. You may need to size your replacement to 265px H x 295px W to make the proportions right.

    I got the color change part. Thank you, that was a big help.

    There still seems to be a whole part to editing the bsocial elements that I am completely missing. I cannot locate the ‘themes/bSocial/images/latest-bg.gif’ in the WP media library and I don’t know where else to look or how to access the bsocial pages.

    I can’t figure out where to:
    1. Edit anything on the home page
    2. Edit the photo gallery (specifically the flash/media gallery within the photo gallery page).

    I cannot join the bsocial forum without making a purchase, so no help there…

    You probably should get an introductory book on WordPress and learn from that. I started with ‘WordPress for Dummies’ and it was a great help.

    You will not find the image in the media library. It is unique to the theme. Try to find a spot in the theme options that lets you choose a header image. Upload your own image with Admin->Media->Add New. Make note of the File URL – copy it carefully. Then use it in the theme options.

    Edit pages with Admin->Pages->Edit. Edit posts with Admin->Posts->Edit.

    Sorry I can’t help with the photo gallery.

    I agree, I do need WP for Dummies, I was hoping it was going to be a little easier than it is!

    Thanks for your efforts.

    The ‘themes/bSocial/images/latest-bg.gif’ is not in the WP media library but on your PC’s hard drive.

    You know that the more successful you are in making these simple [really basic] changes, the more you’ll get asked to do…

    It may be worth hiring someone to look at maintaining and/or take a look and explaning how the site is organized and where everything is in.

    The ‘themes/bSocial/images/latest-bg.gif’ is not in the WP media library but on your PC’s hard drive.

    it’s on your host’s server actually….

    You know that the more successful you are in making these simple [really basic] changes, the more you’ll get asked to do…

    Right. You should make a big mess of things. Trust me. Really. 🙂

    RVoodoo is correct. That folder is on your host — and hopefully mirrored on your PC’s hard drive. See if you can locate it on your hard drive. Make the necessary changes and then FTP it back to your site, same directory.

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