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  • A friend of mine has a wordpress blog. I can log in and out with no problem using several different ISP’s. He is on comcast dsl. He cannot log in. Every time it tells him wrong username or invalid password. He and I have gone over what he is typing letter by letter. Has anyone else experienced this problem? He tried both IE and Firefox and both gave back the same error.

    He is currently running 2.0.1. Thanks!

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  • Remind him that usernames and passwords are case-sensitive!

    For instance, it is “admin” not “Admin”.

    I really doubt that his provider is blocking his access to a blog.

    we did that, I went character by character, uppercase by upper case and lower case by lower case … it just makes absolutely no sense to me

    Some ComCast DSL pools use the rotating IP addresses like AOL does. Would that come into play here? I can’t remember if WordPress pays attention to Ip addresses within the login cookie.

    If the friend has EVER been able to log in, perhaps he should clear his cookies to see if drmike’s on the right track.

    Worth a shot, for sure.

    Will try that. I set up a username/password pair of 1/1 so he just had to enter one keystroke. It would be a brand new username. He was unable to log in. Also, we downloaded Firefox (he had been using Internet Explorer) and that also failed. Would that not discount the cookie situation as Firefox would have been cookie free?

    Thanks for the effort so far.

    Good grief.

    What else is he running on that machine? Cookie blockers? Firewalls?



    I have a second person who cannot log in via comcast. We have done the whole bit with usernames and passwords (in fact we tried a username and password of “1” just for kicks). Again I can log on and off no problem. We cleared cookies. Nothing … cannot log in. Always comes right back to the log in screen.

    We have never solved the first one either! Both are on comcast.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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