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    Hey there, awesome plugin, but I’m having one problem when loading my pages on an iPad in the horizontal view. When the page is in horizontal on my website http://www.annuvia.com, the icons appear, but continue to stretch the page…in vertical, it works fine and loads properly. Actually, if I go vertical and then back to horizontal the page is fine and the stretching stops, so the problem is limited to loading the page in horizontal…let me know if there are any updates I should be aware of. Thanks!


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  • i’m having the same problem and have had to disable the plugin, have you had any updates

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    We are looking at this issue, we will provide an update as fast as possible.

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    Just checked loading the page in landscape, done scrolling and then changed the position to vertical, and done scroling

    tested loading in vertical, and done scroling and changed position to landscape and done scroling.

    Cant find any problems, but when the page loads in horizontal, before the page loads completely, the screen gets auto stretch and gets back to normal. but after complete loading, we cant find any problems..

    please explain the issue in detail with page url, we have done the checking on annuvia.com

    Thanks for being with us.

    Hi, i have disabled the plugin, it was on http://www.intouchrugby.com and was a superb plugin, it works fine on mobile phones and pcs, but on ipads checked with two people it basically causes the screen to get smaller and smaller continuously as if the size of the graphic is causing the borders of the site to reload smaller and smaller every second or so, maybe its a theme issue, the theme is arras wordpress theme,

    my site has alot on the front page so maybe that is slowing down the loading,

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    Seems like its theme specific issue.



    I have the same issue as described by mbongberg. I still use the plugin for now, but the issue has been there for almost a year now. My site; http://photosbytabor.com may give some insight, but as of now, I have no idea. I’m just a wedding photographer, so anything beyond simple CSS coding and you’ve lost me, BUT I’ll give it a good try!

    Thank you,

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