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  • When I try to install Statpress, I get a message on my Plugins mngmt page that says, “Plugin deactivated.”

    I’ve tried deleting and re-ftp’ing the files. I’ve tried re-downloading.

    I have successfully installed other plugins.

    Incidentally, I installed stats but then it asked for my API Key. (Yes, I’ve seen posts on this and no, I don’t think they answered my q.) I don’t have a account so I guess I can’t use stats. So I’d really like to get Statpress working.

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  • update: it actually seems that i can’t install any plugins now, though i did earlier.

    i’m not getting an error message. just, “Plugin deactivated”

    i read this but don’t actually understand the advice given:

    apologies for my noobiness!

    Good news … I figured out the trouble with Statpress and my other Plugins.

    They had each unzipped as a folder within a folder. So WP wasn’t recognizing them.

    I re-FTP’d the files, using the subfolders that actually contained the necessary files. And ta-da! It all works beautifully.

    Thanks. I was having the same problem.

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