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  • Please help me. I’m new to this. I am trying to install wordpress on my windows 7 computer. So I need to install PHP and MySQL to do so. I’ve been trying msi installers and everything. I have turned on my windows IIS, and also downloaded (and maybe) installed apache 2.4.
    What am I missing?

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  • Windows installers for these systems work… painfully badly at best. They are pretyt much not worth using.

    The best way to do this is to install WAMP or XXAMP instead. That will install all of the separate services for you and give you a centralised management section, and they work!

    Thank you I did get this to work. I thought I had the redistributable pachage installed beforehand, but i didnt, so i get that i was missing msvcr100.dll, so i installed the package. do i need to uninstall and reinstall?

    If it works, then don’t do anything. No need to play around with something that’s working the right way.

    ok, I have the WAMP installed. I thought I wanted to use IIS, but Im pretty sure I was gonna have to download windows server, or something (really big d/l and huge sys requirements). Is Apache gonna be my smart thing to do? I disabled IIS, now I get WAMP at now I try to open wordpress; says php is not running. Im trying to read tutorials and such, like reading another language.I feel like I need a wordpress for dummies book

    So did wamp configure everything together?

    WAMP does configure everything together, but if you’ve been playing around trying to get the separate installers working beforehand there’s a chance that you’ve got some stuff left over that could possibly be causing some issues. Not that likely, but possible.

    If PHP isn’t running then it’s some sort of configuration issue with WAMP, which is beyond the scope of these forums. You’d be better off asking on the WAMP forums.

    thanks man you’ve helped me a lot

    It is very simple to run wordpress in loclal host first of all install WAMP server compatible with windows 7 then run it on your computer but remember one thing your skype must b logout because both having same port then download wordpress on your computer now what you have to do just simple creat a database named wordpress
    now install wordpress on your local host dont extract the wordpress you have to install complete zip folder hope this is the answer of your question.

    dont use iis

    use xampp

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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