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  • I have been doing web design and coding for about 5 years now, but databases are pretty new to me (never needed them for the projects that I was working on). I am a college student and just wanted to integrate wordpress into my site so I could let my family and friends know what I was up to. I have read the docs on setting up the database and what not, but it doesnt seem to be working. I tried it just today, and tried to run the install.php, but just got a message saying “Mysql was not found in the installation”.

    I am pretty clueless about what to do now. If anyone has a helpful way of installing wordpress and creating a database to be used, I would greatly appreciate it. I am using the latest version of phpmyadmin and my site ( is hosted with godaddy with the deluxe hosting plan.

    As I have said before, I followed the step-by-step installing instructions for setting up the database with phpmyadmin, but some of the steps listed do not match what I have.

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  • Welcome to wordpress! Have you created the user for the mysql database and set it up in the wp-config file?

    We’ll also need wordpress version and mysql version before we can further assist you.

    [Update] Os version too

    Thanks for the quick response. They should probably make this reply a sticky or something for those of us who are using godaddy. But I just found my problem with trying to create a database for wordpress. I had my account set up on a windows server, and once I switched over to a linux server it was quite easy. I just went to the metropolis section, and added the WordPress add-on and it set up the databases for me.

    But thank you for the help, and I appreciate it a lot.

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