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    i am having trouble importing my posts from a wordpress xml file. i did a fresh wordpress install of version 2.7.1 on a newly created database. now i want to import my posts, authors, etc.

    my blog is here:

    under “tools” i click “import”
    i click “wordpress”
    i browse and select the file on my computer and click “upload file and import”
    it takes me to next page:

    — there is nothing to do under “import wordpress” (are there supposed to be any options here?)
    — my list of authors comes up under “assign authors”
    — and there is the option to “Download and import file attachments” under import attachments.

    the only thing i am doing on this screen is mapping ‘admin’ to the existing ‘admin’ then i click “submit”

    which takes me to a screen that says “import wordpress” but is otherwise blank. no error message, nothing.
    when i go to my author list it has imported the authors
    but it doesn’t import anything else
    no categories
    no posts.

    any ideas what might be going on here?

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  • If you use a text editor, do you see your posts in that XML file?

    thanks for the reply. yes. the posts are there.

    ok. i tried uploading a test xml file and it worked. so i guess the issue is with my xml file.

    if someone was interested in looking at it for me, i have uploaded the file in question here:

    test post. my last two posts on this thread only show up when i am logged in. what’s up with that? i assume nobody else can see them either.

    Montag – for reasons best known to itself, the Akismet spam filter used on the forums blocked your last few posts, which is why they weren’t showing up.

    Not sure why that import isn’t working. It doesn’t look like the file is too big, but maybe something here will help:
    How do I Import a WordPress WXR file when it says it is too large to import?

    i resolved the problem. i ended up breaking the file into smaller pieces.

    i can’t say for sure, but from what i read at the link MichaelH posted (thanks!) and what seemed to be happening, i think there was probably a time limit on how long my web host would allow the script to run.

    since i had a large number of tags at the beginning of the xml file, i think it was timing out before it got around to importing any of the actual posts.

    it would be helpful if wordpress could tell you if the script stops before importing the entire file. where it was just going to a blank screen, i didn’t have any idea what was going on to pinpoint the problem.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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