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    I just wanted to report a problem I had importing donors into a new installation. I had maybe 18 donations with 15 unique donors, 4 of whom were not registered on the site. User_id for those donors was set to 0 naturally.

    When I imported into a fresh install, I looked at the donations page to check the integrity of the data. 6 of the donations had the name of the donor next to them, with a different name hyperlinked to a different user next to that (in the space allowed for different names for the same donor). Furthermore, in these 6 cases donations made by the one person were credited to another person.

    Investigating in the database, in the donors database I found that only one of the 4 unregistered donors was created. Furthermore, other donors whose donations were attributed to someone else completely were also not created.

    In the donationmeta database I found those 6 donations seemed to have been randomly assigned when a user was not available.

    What I suspect happened was that, when adding the new donations to the database, the script couldn’t handle multiple donors having the same user_id (0), and so skipped those after adding the first. Data unassigned to donors was “randomly” assigned to existing donors.

    Cleaning up I first had to create the missing donors, then correct the purchase_value, purchase_count and payment_ids in the donors database. Then I returned to the donationmeta database and corrected the user_ids assigned to donations.

    Hope this helps you track down a bug somewhere.


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  • Hey @mlavanish

    Sorry to hear that you are facing issues when importing donation via CSV.

    I try to regenerate the issue at my end but was not able too.

    Can you provide me with the CSV that you are using to import donation so that I can also regenerate the issue?


    Thanks for looking into it. I’m going to be running the process all over again in a little bit on a new DB. I’ll see how it goes and report back if there are problems. I suspect it might go as planned this time a the fields in the export file were populated accurately, unlike the first time.

    Export/Import went more smoothly this time. One of the problems I faced the last time was working with tables that were using latin1 character set and collation and converting to utf8mb4, so it’s possible there were some errors dealing with the older character set. No errors exporting or importing this time.

    Hey @mlavanish

    Thanks for retesting and adding your comment to the thread.

    If you find any other problem then please create a new issue, I am closing this issue for now as this is being solved.


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