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    Hi – I’ve added and deleted ImageWall 3 times because I haven’t been successful in getting it to work on my site. I keep coming back to it because I love it and I’m stubborn. =)

    I have read through every post I can find re: troubleshooting, but I’m not having any luck with what I’ve tried so far.

    The shortcode I have added to my Blog Page is:
    [image_wall image_sizes=”medium , large” column_proportion_restrictions=”2.0″ support_author=”hidden” include_pages=”false” move_to_end=”false”]

    My media settings are:
    Thumbnail: 200 x 200
    Medium: 300 x 300
    Large: 400 x 400
    (I admit to being a little lost on the ideal media settings)

    I have three test-posts up. Each image is attached to the corresponding post page. Each image appears to have large enough dimensions to meet the media parameters (in width but not height – could that be the problem?).

    I have tried adjusting my media settings. I re-loaded the three test images to my library to make sure they would work under the changed settings.

    Each image was added to each post with the add ‘featured image’ section. I also tried adding each image to the post with a “insert media” option, but that resulted in double-images (and no wall).

    I tried changing the “move to end” to true but nothing happened so I changed it back to false (I don’t want the footer to show above my wall if I can help it).

    Any suggestions? I’m sure this is user-error but I can’t think of anything else to try. Thanks so much!

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  • Resolved! Hallelujah.

    The problem was that I was trying to add the shortcode to the same “Main” blog page on my menu that my posts are routed to. Because of this, the posts were over-riding the shortcode so the plugin could not work.

    I created a new “main” blog page and put the Image Wall code there. Then I added it to my menu. (Posts do not actually end up here. The only purpose it serves is to hold the Image Wall Code. When people click the Blog on my menu options, they see the Image Wall.)

    I took the old “main” blog page off of my menu, but left it so that my posts would still all route there. No one can actually click directly to this page because it’s not on the menu.

    When people click an image on the wall, they are taken to a new page which shows the single post associated with the image they clicked. At the bottom they can scroll left or right to read other posts if they wish.

    Right now I’m still working on a double-image issue in my archives, but everything else is good to go. Just wanted to update that it’s working now! (Big smile)

    Plugin Author Parakoos


    Excellent! Yes indeed, the image wall shortcode is meant to be added to a normal standard page, either on its own or with a bit of preamble text above if you like.

    The page designated to be the blog page will indeed be overwritten with blog posts.

    Glad you got it sorted!

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