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    I’m sorry, I’ve been trying to understand the user guide and do exactly as it says, but there are just not enough information, or at least I’m not able to follow along…
    1. I added a new Slide Type – and I was very careful to name it without any space characters.
    2. I go to the Add Slide item page. This is where I get totally lost. Where am I suppose to add the pictures? If I just go to the upper left button that says Add Media, and select my slideshow-images there, they just end up in a post, stacked neatly upon each other. If I instead press the Set Featured Image in the bottom right corner (of course, after selecting the Slide Type name there), I can add only one image. The only thing I can do here now is to “Remove Featured Image”.
    3. In the guide, step 4, it says “Add the Slide Type to the Slide.”
    I get even more confused. I have no such option. I have my Slide Type name selected; only thing I can do here is + Add New Slide Type, or remove the featured image..
    Maybe I’m just being stupid or blind, but I just don’t get it… Can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

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  • iqbaljayadi


    Hello Aureola, thanks for the post, I’ll try to explain.

    here we go!

    Assume I want to create a slideshow named “Street Photography”, contains 5 different pictures about street photography.

    1. Add new Slide Type named “Street Photography” with slug “street-photography” from Fluid Responsive Slideshow > Slide Type from admin menu. This will create the nameset of slideshow

    2. Upload all the 5 pictures to the WordPress Media

    3. Go to Fluid Reponsive Slideshow > Add Slide. I’ll give the slide titled “The Sitting Man”. Click the set featured image link, select the sitting man image from media library, then set the featured image. I want this slide to be showed at “Street Photography” slideshow, so I check the “Street photography” check box from Slide Type section. This picture will show up as first slide in the slideshow, so I set the order number to 1, then click publish.

    4. I need to set for 4 other pictures, so I repeat the step 3 with same slide type but different title, featured image, and order number.

    5. Open the post that I’ll show the slideshow, add shortcode >> [pjc_slideshow slide_type=’street-photography’] to the post content.

    6. Save the page, then see the result.

    Sorry if my english and explanation are bad. Hope it can help 🙂

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    Thanks iqbaljayadi, I get it now! 🙂 This user guide is perfect. And there is absolutely no problem with your english, the first user guide just assumed the user to know a little bit more than I did.

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    Hello again, I’m afraid I failed once more. Instead of the slideshow in the post, I see an error message “You must provide the correct slide type on the [pjc_slideshow slide_type=’your_slide_type’] shortcode”
    I have tried both the Name and the Slug between the ‘ ‘ s. What have I done wrong..? Also.. I want to add this to my theme once I have it working; so I tried to follow the guide on the homepage of the plugin, but it is only explained how you do it in the index.php-file – I would like my slideshow to only appear in the header, and only on the front page, which is a static page that uses the template file page.php. Can I just put this in my header.php?

        <?php if(is_front-page())
      echo do_shortcode("[pjc_slideshow slide_type='CTEquestrian slideshow']"); ?>
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    Hello again,
    Never mind, I’ll just go with my old javascript instead; this was just over my head 🙂 Thanks anyway for your support.

    Steve Cracknell


    I also had some difficulty following the instructions so I have made them more explicit. I hope this is helpful.

    Let’s assume you want to create a slideshow called “Street Photography” which contains 5 different pictures about street photography.

    1. Firstly you need to create a slide collection to house all your slides for this slideshow. We call slide collections “Slide Types”.
    Click “Slide Type” and then fill in the form on the left labelled “Add New Slide Type”. Give your new slide type the name of “Street Photography”, for example, with a slug of “street-photography”. Do not use accents or spaces in the slug.
    2. Upload all the 5 pictures to the WordPress Media Gallery. You do this by clicking on Media, Add and selecting the photos on your computer. Note that the slides all need to have the same aspect ratio. Otherwise parts of the largest slide will show below the others.
    3. Go to Fluid Responsive Slideshow. Click on Add Slide (near the top). Enter a title (e.g. “The Sitting Man”) in the box where you would normally enter the title of the article. This will be the title of the slide. If you want a description to appear below the title you should enter it in the text area. Do not put anything else in this area.
    4. Click the set featured image link (bottom right). Select the sitting man image from media library by clicking on it once. A blue box will appear around the selected image. You can then click on the “Set featured image” (bottom right). You do not need to fill in any of the other fields.
    5. Since you want this slide to be shown in the “Street Photography” slideshow, tick the “Street photography” check box in the Slide Type section (on right). If you want this picture to be the first slide in the slideshow, set the order number to 1 (in Slide Options below the text box), then click Publish.
    6. Now you need to add the other 4 pictures, so repeat steps 3-5 using same Slide Type (Street Photography) but with a different title, description, featured image, and order number.
    7. Open the post or page in which you want to show the slideshow and add a shortcode to the post content. In this case the shortcode would be [pjc_slideshow slide_type=’street-photography’]. Note that the shortcode is the Slide Type slug and not the Slide Type name.
    6. Save the page then check the result.

    @steve thanks for the guide improvement. It’s really meaningful and easy to understand. We’ll release improved guide for this plugin soon. Cheers!

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