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    I tried embedding a youtube url/video in my blog.

    I got a blank white square where it should have been and it messed the colors up in my post. I’m on the latest Ubuntu with flash 9 ( you read that right, beta ) and the latest firefox.

    I have watched other such embeded videos on other blogs.

    I saved the page the blog generated. It seems like the blog inserts all sorts of other html into the youtube tags that ends up breaking it.

    What might be the problem?

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  • Steve


    Never I mind. I searched on the issue and found a previous post with the same problem. I needed to go into options | writing and shut off the rich editor


    For more detailed explanation:

    Okay I pinpointed the problem and the steps to it. I’m not a technical dude, so anyone who is, do what you do with this info.

    When you try adding a YouTube video’s Embed code this is what happens…

    In 3 easy steps

    Step 1 – Embedding code in “Code” view.
    image 1

    Notice that the first tag, which is an “object” tag does NOT close right after the opening tag. This is good.

    Step 2 – Adding your text content before and after the YouTube video object.
    image 2

    Step 3 – Vwala! Presto Chango! Blog gone nuts in Firefox!
    image 3

    That first Object tag “magically” now has a closing /object tag!

    This is the culprit that screws up your whole blog, as seen in this final image.
    image 4

    If you delete that closing /object tag, everything will look normal in Firefox.

    Also, if you just embed the YouTube video without adding text around the video, that /object tag will not magically appear.

    The only solution I’ve seen is to disable the WSIWYG/Rich Text editor. Go to “Users” at the top of your dashboard > “Your Profile” > and uncheck the “Use the visual editor when writing” box.

    This will stop the magical appearance of the /object tag, but will also prevent you from viewing the post as your write it. Basically, you’re writing in the “Code” tab only.

    Hope this gets fixed. Not sure how to properly inform the WordPress engineers. If you know how, please pass it on to them.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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