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  • I’m a new wordpress user just trying to make a few really minor customizations to Twenty Eleven, but whenever I do anything in the css stylesheet editor and update it, it never makes a difference in the page.

    In particular, I would like to remove the page titles (while leaving them in the menu) and change the page header font. (other stuff too later, but I’ll start with this!)

    My site is


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  • First of all, you should never directly alter the default themes. You should make all your changes in a child theme. Making a child theme is trivially easy and takes about 10 minutes.

    Having said that, you have a couple of ways of removing your page titles. Firstly, if you define a custom menu to act as your primary navigation menu (which you will almost certainly want to do at some stage anyway) you can assign the label that you want to appear in the menu to the “Navigation Label”, in the Dashboard Menu editor. Then you can remove the title from your page altogether, so that it doesn’t have a title and won’t appear anywhere. I’m pretty sure that’ll work, but you’d have to be careful when creating new pages and check the permalinks, especially if you create pages without titles in which case the permalink may not be what you want and you might have to edit it. I’m not sure how a page created without a title would show up in the Menu Editor either and don’t have time to experiment at the moment. WP just allocates a number to pages without titles: but this may also depend on your permalink settings.

    The other way would be to give your page a title, but simply not display it in the situations where you don’t want it. This will probably mean removing the following code:

    <header class="entry-header">
      <h1 class="entry-title"><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
    </header><!-- .entry-header -->

    from, at least, the content-page.php file in your child theme’s directory.

    If you wanted to remove the title in other types of page you might also have to look at removing the equivalent code from some or all of the content*.php pages. There are eleven of these in total, in the twentyeleven theme.

    Or you could alter your child theme’s CSS to set display:none; for the headings.



    Thanks so much. I’m trying to follow the instructions for making a child theme, but I’m getting stuck on something basic– I don’t understand how to determine the URIs or what directory I’m supposed to load this on.
    First of all, the URIs– are they just my website, like this?:

    Theme Name: Firstborn
    Theme URI:
    Description: Child Theme for Twenty Eleven
    Author: Courtney Druz based on WordPress
    Author URI:
    Template: Twenty Eleven
    Version: 0.1
    @import url("../twentyeleven/style.css");

    Then if that is correct, how do I put in in my themes directory? Do I do it directly in my harddrive (and where?) or thru the WordPress site?

    Thanks for your patience with a newbie!!!

    To create a child theme:

    • Create a directory named for your theme (so ‘firstborn’ in this case (I recommend all lowercase and no spaces or special chars except, perhaps, a hyphen, for directory names) in the wp-content/themes directory of your WordPress site
    • Put your style.css in that directory.
    • Make sure style.css has a comment block like the one you quote. Only the ‘Theme Name’ and ‘Template’ lines are mandatory: but ***note*** that the ‘Template’ line should hold the name of the directory in which the parent theme is located, so in this case it should read, ‘twenteleven’ and not ‘Twenty Eleven’. The other lines can contain anything you like or can even be absent
    • Make sure style.css imports the parent style sheet (exactly as you have it)

    Now go to your Dashboard and at Dashboard –> Appearance –> Themes, activate your child theme. Just find it on the page and click ‘Activate’.

    Go back to view your site. Nothing should have changed although you might have to repeat some of the configuration steps for the theme that you already took with the default theme. So check things like Dashboard –> Appearance –> Header and Dashboard –> Appearance –> Menus (to make sure your custom menu is still the Primary Navigation menu), and Dashboard –> Settings –> Permalinks, and possibly Dashboard –> Settings –> Read to make sure the front page settings are still as they should be.

    And that’s it.



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